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Language is central to social life and education. Presenters discuss the Somali writing system, pronunciation of Somali, language diversity among Somalis, and Somali students who need English as a second language support.

Language 1: Introduction of Written Somali

Abdulkadir Abdi talks about the impact of the introduction of written Somali in 1972

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Language 2: Pronouncing the Letter “X”

Abdulkadir Abdi works with participants to recognize and pronounce the “X” sound, as in “Ahmed”.

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Language 3: Identifying Limited English Proficient Students

Dr. Abdinur Mohamud explains why Somali parents may not immediately advocate for their child’s educational needs, and pitfalls of misdiagnosing students’ language and learning barriers.

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Language 4: Somali Language Diversity

Dr. Lidwien Kapteijns highlights the emergence of vernacular religious poetry in a multicultural coastal community, through the poetry of a holy woman.

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