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Somali identity is complex and changing continuously over time and across contexts. Presenters discuss colonialism and clan identity, Islam, the development of Somali Bantu as a distinct identity, and the dual identities of Somali youth and children in
the Diaspora.

Identity 1: Dual Identities

 Abdirazak Farah talks about youths’ conflicting realities: pursuing the American dream while acutely aware of the situation of loved ones in Somalia.

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Identity 2: Identity and Soomaaliinimo

Dr. Kapteijns describes Somalis’ cultural identification with independence and pride, particularly in the era of emerging statehood.

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Identity 3: Evolving Islam

Dr. Lidwien Kapteijns discusses how colonialism served as a catalyst in the evolution of clan identity.

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Identity 4: Bantu Identity

Abdi Issa explains the linguistic and historical origins of Bantu identity

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