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The Somali Diaspora has brought about many changes and challenges. Presenters discuss evolving Somali identities, clan in the classroom, the different experiences of Somalis around the world, and popular beliefs about Somali pirates, jihadists, and nation-state.

Global Cross-Currents 1: Conflict and Youth Unrest in Film

Abdisalam Aato describes his new film efforts, which explore how culture, cuisine, crime and lifestyles vary in Somali youth communities around the world.

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Global Cross-Currents 2: Evolving Identities

Dr. Lidwien Kapteijns discusses how Somalis re-evaluate race, religion, and other aspects of identity in new American contexts.

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Global Cross-Currents 3: Clan in the Classroom

Abdi Issa discusses how clan-based tensions in Somalia may arise in Columbus and, more particularly, in school settings.

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Global Cross-Currents 4: Pirates, Jihadists, Failed Statehood

Ambassador Omar discusses current issues related to Somali sovereignty and security.

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