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Somalis have many artistic traditions, and Somali artists are developing new forms all over the world. Presenters discuss Somali poetry, art and material culture, and Somali cinema in the past and in the Diaspora.

ART 1: Art & Artifacts

Visual panorama of Dirios’s collection of Somali artifacts.

ART 1: Art & Artifacts

ART 2: Art & Material Culture

Mohamed ‘Dirios’ Diriye and Dr. Kapteijns explain the historical and sociological significance of a variety of Somali artifacts.

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Art 3: Film – Origins

Abdisalam Aato describes some early and ‘second stage’ of Somali cinema in the 1980’s.

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ART 4: Film – Modern

Abdisalam Aato describes how video technology launched the era of independent Somali filmmakers, and the global reach of these films.

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ART 5: Somali Poetry Lives: Song of the Stevedore

Dr. John Johnson recounts a scenario in which a foreman uses poetry to prod a lazy dockworker to work harder.

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Art 6: Using Poetry to be Heard

Dr. John Johnson explains how different Somali poetic genres can be used to circumvent social and political status restrictions.

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